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Ministry of Paintball

Ministry of Paintball is the largest paintballing network in the world. With over 300 sites globally and 110 locations in the UK alone, Ministry of Paintball offer a wide range of paintballing games with all sorts of tanks, forts, trucks, bridges and even helicopters! They make heroes of thousands of people of all ages every year. All the paintball fields in the UK (indoor and outdoor) are of the highest quality to ensure you have the most fun in the most exciting surroundings!

A reputation has been built around the quality of the paintballing games and customer service. If you have already played at one of the fantastic outdoor locations why not try some indoor paintballing games next!

Each ticket includes access to a choice of over 110 sites UK wide, free equipment hire including the latest semi-auto gun, and a bonus free lunch at most sites. The ticket also covers your booking fee, which entitles you to your 1st 100 paintballs.

Once our friendly bookings team have received your vouchers they will call you to arrange your day of Paintballing!

1 Ticket £25
2 Tickets £40 (£20 per person)
4 Tickets £70 (£17.50 per person)
8 Tickets £120 (£15 per person)
10 Tickets £130 (£13 per person)
20 Tickets £220 (£11 per person)

For a comprehensive list of all our paintball sites please go

To purchase tickets, please download the booking form below and fill in your details, enclose the relevant amount of vouchers and post to Ministry of Paintball, 40 Bowling Green Lane, London, EC1R 0NE